[100 random facts about me]

1. I have dual citizenship from the US and the UK.
2. I love Trivial Pursuit - Genus I is still the best.
3. I'm left-handed.
4. I had imaginary friends, since I didn't have anyone my own age to play with for a long time.
5. I've never been water skiing or snow skiing.
6. Sarcasm is a family trait. I got more than my fair share.
7. I used to love playing Lemonade Stand and Sneakers on the old Apple IIe computers.
8. I love the fall, and the way fall smells.
9. I wear a lot of blue and black.
10. Garlic and onions sautéing in my idea of a heaven-sent smell.
11. I love Verdana and Tahoma fonts.
12. I'm an atheist.
13. I adored Legos when I was little - even made a whole town with them.
14. I have fish fear. Yes, I know it's not a rational fear.
15. I've never been to Las Vegas.
16. I want a breast reduction.
17. I'm an accomplished crosstitch artist.
18. I always seem to be hot, and keep my house set at 68 degrees.
19. I adore popcorn.
20. I adore the smell of Drakkar on a boy.
21. I've only ever been in two accidents - both when I was 25, neither one my fault.
22. I'm pro-choice.
23. The scariest moment of my life was finding out my mother had inflammatory breast cancer.
24. I've been to England 4 times, for a total of a year, and to the Czech Republic 3 times, for a total of a month and a half.
25. My favorite boy parts are necks and legs.
26. I'm a Bud Light girl.
27. I've played golf since I was 9 years old.
28. I was always in the "smart kid" classes in elementary, middle and high school.
29. I hate math, and I'm terrible at it.
30. I smoke occasionally - when I drink or when I'm stressed.
31. I sleep with 6 pillows on my bed.
32. I had only seen one Disney film until I was in college (The Fox and the Hound).
33. I love my fingernails, my ruddy cheeks, and my calves.
34. I'm a very taurean Taurus.
35. I never watched cartoons and was forbidden from watching the Simpsons and MTV as a child.
36. I want a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever. Or just a dog of any kind.
37. My sister is 9 years older than me.
38. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
39. I hate spiders, snakes and sharks.
40. I get carsick unless I'm driving or in the front seat.
41. I had chicken pox in 4th grade and missed the talent show I was going to dance in.
42. I wear an 8 ½ shoe.
43. I hate shaving my legs - they are too long.
44. One of my biggest flaws is that I'm too trusting and believe what everyone says.
45. I don't like the colour orange.
46. I hate heights.
47. I wish I was as smart, pretty, interesting and insightful as my sister.
48. I hated my parents in high school and told white lies to them all the time.
49. I love daffodils, carnations, roses, and tulips.
50. I don't know if I really want to be a librarian my whole life, despite getting the Master's Degree.
51. I want to go to Greece and Italy.
52. I've gotten shyer as I've gotten older - I often wonder if I would still be so outgoing and flirty if I loved myself and the way I look.
53. I hate riding buses.
54. I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
55. I'm terrified of thunderstorms.
56. I'm not very flexible.
57. I know how to knit.
58. I want to see Pink Floyd in concert before I die.
59. I used to love skater boys.
60. I vote Democrat.
61. I love football - especially Green Bay Packer football.
62. I got a BA in English and Political Science.
63. My favorite painting at the Louvre was The Coronation of Emperor Napoleon and Empress Josephine by Jacques-Louis David.
64. I sleep naked.
65. I love DCI shows, and the Madison Scouts are my favorite.
66. I've always wanted a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
67. I own 20+ pairs of sunglasses, as inspired by La Femme Nikita.
68. I don't like going into porn stores.
69. I feel guilty that I haven't read more "classic" books and novels - instead, I read trash novels or "fluffy" books most of the time.
70. I don't like olives, peppers, avocado or peas.
71. I wonder if my parents regret having me so late in life.
72. My dream job would be NASCAR Winston Cup commentator or Jimmie's bitch.
73. I'm not a very good bowler, and I'm lousy at pool.
74. I have never been my father's favorite.
75. I've always had more guy friends than girl friends.
76. I took French in high school and college.
77. I remember Picture Pages, Pinwheel, Today's Special, The Tomorrow People, The Third Eye, You Can't Do That on Television, The Electric Company, and 3-2-1 Contact.
78. I've always been fascinated by the space race of the 1960s.
79. I wear Nikes. A lot.
80. I don't have a sweet tooth - my biggest food downfall is my pizza addiction.
81. I don't like talking on the phone to people I don't know.
82. I know how to drive a manual transmission.
83. My first job was a paper route.
84. I don't like children, and I'm not good with them. In that respect, I am my father's daughter.
85. I miss Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.
86. I drive fast in town, but not on the highway.
87. I'm nearsighted.
88. I love candles.
89. I can only wear gold jewelry - otherwise, I turn my skin and the jewelry green.
90. I'm trying to lose weight with my sister.
91. I've never done all the required readings for any of my college courses - undergraduate or graduate.
92. I'm a cool weather person.
93. I broke both my wrists when I was 18 - rollerblading.
94. I hate capris.
95. I'm product loyal to Origins Lip Glaze, Bed Head Manipulator, Estee Lauder mascara, and Lancôme's Original Perfume.
96. I'm 5'8".
97. I wish I could jog or run (without giving myself black eyes).
98. I hate standardized tests.
99. I don't like guys who wear sandals.
100. I'm a dog person, not a cat person.