[my humble abode]

Here it is...my spankin' new place in TinyTown. I luuuuurve it. :-D

My family room...check the new hand-me-down couch!

My dining room/library.

My cutie kitchen - so much better than the last!

My enormous main bathroom - note my craftiness in making a shower curtain, complete with Christmas lights!

My computer room/spare bedroom. Yes, this is where I spend most of my time. :-)

My bedroom...the dresser and couch are on the other wall...

The half-bath off of my master bedroom...

The "smokin' porch"...and a lovely view of my skyline...also, lookie! Petunias that are like, living and big and stuff!

The view out my front door...my place looks like all the rest...

My new place! Clearly taken about 10 minutes after I took possession of the place. It looks better now. ;-)