[you might be addicted to NASCAR if...]

the bolded items are the ones i'm honestly guilty of...

When driving down the road and you pass some road kill, you prepare your passengers by yelling, "Debris on the track!"

You yell boogety boogety boogety each time there's a green light.

People look at you funny when you climb into your car from the window

You teach people how to count in Nascar numbers (1 Steve Park, 2 Rusty Wallace, 3 Dale Earnhardt...)

You say of dangerous drivers on the road "Must be a Bodine brother or cousin!"

The only channels you get in your house are Fox,FX,NBC,TNT,Espn classic, and Speed Channel.

Your best pick up line is "Who's your favorite driver?"

Read every article at Jayski and still surf the web for more info.

You are one of the writers *listed* on Jayski.

You get a case of "road rage" when you see another vehicle with a sticker or license plate of a driver you hate.

At the scene of your most recent rear-ending accident you explain to the officer that it was just "A racin deal".

You tell your UPS driver "Drive the truck, Dale".

You miss your brother's wedding on a Saturday night because it's the Bristol night race and NOBODY misses the Bristol night race.

You refer to your Dad as the family's "crew chief".

You absolutely refuse to get involved in a romantic relationship with someone who isn't a NASCAR fan ... of course, when you hate his driver and he hates yours, it DOES complicate things.

When you say you've got some "banking" to do, your first thought is of Talladega.

You stand behind a guy in the checkout line with a Rusty Wallace leather jacket that would just about fit you and you wonder if you could do your own "bump, snatch and run" on him in the parking lot.

You have no idea what's going on in "current events" but you know every crew member, driver or sponsor change as well as who's running limited schedules and where.

Sundays are holidays for you each race weekend.

Your children can count from Steve Park to Jeff Burton...and no higher.

Your favorite saying on Monday morning is..."Didja watch the race???"

Recent studies show that your daughter thinks about NASCAR every 5.3 seconds of the day.

At work, you roll around in your computer chair shouting "Gentlemen, start your Engines!!!!"

People call/email you for explanations of how points are awarded, the latest crew chief swap, or to find out who's in the Hot Seat.

Your kids get into fights at school because the Ford kids are bad mouthing the Chevy drivers.

Your child's first word is '"JUNIOR".

You check Nascar.com before your emails.

You sit through 7 1/2 hours of Busch (rain delayed) racing on Saturday and then sit through 6 1/2 hours of Winston Cup(also rain delayed) racing on Sunday.

You try to find a family vacation that comes close enough to a racetrack so you can go to the race.

Talk so much about Nascar at work, that fellow employees tell you when they see or hear anything about it, even though they have no idea what they are talking about.

Look for Nascar merchandise in every store you are in.

Your bookmark/favorites on your PC are Jayski, Nascar, ERACE, Racing One, Foxsports, and your favorite drivers home page.

During the elections you voted for write-in candidate Richard Petty.

You get a traffic ticket for bump drafting.