my baby - dale jr's car freakin' bill! bill's in the doorway... garage area - our main view
back of qualifying grid the fam on raceday left garage area - the crowd is in front of jeffy's garage
me and tony! front of qualifying grid right garage area - the end crowd is in front of jr's garage
jeffy heading out to the track me, dad and tony's car me and tony's car
mikey - running back to his garage mikey during happy hour ricky's rollout - fat back is walking out of the garage
the cat in the hat - jack roush walking by rusty's rollout i'm at the brickyard, y'all!
tony's rollout tony eury sr is the red shirt walking through the door the fam at the brickyard!

[brickyard - the photos]

Click on the various thumbnails to view larger photos. These were taking during Quals (the grid photos), Happy Hour (all the garage photos) and Race Day (the family photos). Hold your cursor over the picture for an explanation of what each picture is...