[depeche mode concert review - my religious experience]

"He is one sexy-ass motherf@*&er!"

Yes, this was my direct quote after the second song of the Depeche Mode concert Jason and I went to in Cleveland yesterday. And let me tell you, it was TOTALLY worth the 796 mile drive to get there. :-)

Dave. Dave Gahan. He stepped on stage, and the entire arena erupted. Was it the really, really tight leather pants? The unzipped leather vest? The voice? Or just the pure sexuality he exudes on stage?

Or all of the above?

For me, it was all of the above. I've never seen anyone with a more commanding stage presence. Not even Trent Reznor. Or my precious Nsync. Dave just commanded the stage, and when he wasn't out there, it was as though the sun had gone behind the clouds.

Oh sure, Martin (in some extraordinarily weird white sequined dress fluffy thing) was there, as was Andrew, but Dave *was* the show. He made the concert. He made the crowd his own, and we did anything he wanted. We sang for him, we danced for him, we waved our hands for him. With a smile and a move, he could make us do anything.

And as for all the shaking, shimmying, dancing, pelvic thrusts, grabbing, grinding and moving he did...

Well, that's why I'm hoarse today. From all the screaming last night as he showed us what he (and those leather pants) were made of.

And as for the music...few bands I've ever heard live have sounded as good, as pure, and have translated from CD as well as DM. They remixed songs, played favorites, extended songs, and played three encore songs. The set list was incredible, and spanned all kinds of CDs. There was no one in that crowd that didn't get to hear their "absolute favorite" song, no matter what it was. They played it all.

It was incredible. It was amazing. It gave me goosebumps and made me scream and dance and laugh, and tears to come to my eyes. And made me want Dave more than I thought possible. For he is, in fact, one sexy-ass motherf@*&er. ;-)

If you ever get the chance, see DM. You won't regret it.

The set list:

1. Easy Tiger - Dream On (acoustic instrumental) - Intro

2. Dead Of Night

3. Sweetest Condition

4. Halo

5. Walking In My Shoes

6. Dream On

7. When The Body Speaks

8. Waiting For The Night To Fall

9. The Bottom Line

10. Breathe

11. Freelove

12. Enjoy The Silence

13. I Feel You

14. In Your Room

15. It`s No good

16. I Feel Loved

17. Personal Jesus

--- Encore ---

18. Home

19. Clean

20. Black Celebration

21. Never Let Me Down Again