[faq's about site]

So, what's the point of this site? This site doesn't really have a point - it's like keeping an online diary or storing all your favorite links and pictures in one place. This site is for me, my amusement, and to give you (the web surfer) the chance to know me a bit better, explore a little, and look around.

How'd you build the site? Even though I know HTML and CSS and stuff, I built this site almost entirely in Dreamweaver. Mostly it comes down to laziness and time. :-)

What parts of the site are there? I'm hoping to have three components to the site - this part about myself, a part for my writing (fanfiction, short stories, etc), and a part for "professional development", as it were (resumes, projects, etc).

When did your website begin? I got the idea one day after chatting with Maire about webhosting and owning our own domains. I began putting things together for the site in mid-June, 2002.

Have a lot of time on your hands, do ya? Actually, not, at the moment! I work fulltime in the library, and I'm also doing an internship. But whenever I have a few minutes or think of a good idea to add to the site, I jot it down or create it quickly in Dreamweaver. Hey, this beats preparing things for bindery or trying to come up with instruction session ideas. :-)

How do I get in touch with you? You can email me at theloudlibrarian@yahoo.com, or you can sign the guestbook .

Okay, thanks! Hey, thank you! Come back and visit - updates should be forthcoming often. :-)

All items on my sites copywritten by Marissa. So no stealing, got it?