[top ten geeky things]

I am a geek. I do geeky things. What geeky things do I do?

crosstitch: yep, I do counted crosstitch. alot. during NASCAR mostly. and if I do say so myself, I kick ass at counted crosstitch. want to see what I'm currently working on?

build webpages: like the very one you are reading now. ;-)

write fiction: my friends make fun, my stories may be trite, but hey, writing is the geek's pastime. therefore, I write.

watch old M*A*S*H episodes: it all started years and years ago when my mum watched them religiously. now, I can quote almost any given episode from the first 6 or 7 seasons.

attended geekified events: i love going to DCI shows, home-a-ramas, and RV shows. doesn't come much geekier than that!

argue with total strangers about the virtues of *nsync versus the backstreet boys: yep, it's happened. subcategory: arguing with total strangers about the virtues of one NASCAR driver over another.

pretend that i'm a princess simply trapped in an occasionally boring and mindless job: hey, if I don't picture myself as a princess, no one else will. ;-)

knit: yep, just learned how to knit. everyone is getting scarves for christmas *this* year.

sing loudly: this geeky trait is most prominent in my car. i have the music cranked, and am often spotted singing along. loudly. this ordinarily is not geeky, unless you consider that i own a convertible, and everyone can hear me. ;-)

watch trading spaces: oh so do you! admit it! you're a geek too!