[ultimate "girly gotta have it" list]

Yeah. Here's the stuff I can actually afford to own, and frankly, can't do without if I can help it. Just think of it as my own Martha's "good things" list. :-)

Yep, that's me. All girly and sexified. :-P

Old Navy Slacks

When they say essential, they aren't kidding! Wide leg and cuffs are super-flattering, and the fabric is comfy and durable. Buy many, many pairs!

Bath and Body Works Lip Balm

These chubby lip balms are perfect and come in yummy flavours - I'm partial to Cherry Vanilla and Vanilla Mint, myself. I have about 80 of these lip balms scattered in my house, my car, my bag...

Ode Lancome Perfume

I have loved this perfume since a summer I spent in England, when my grandmother and I got free samples. It's hard to find and I cherish every spritz. Here's a description of it: Olfactive family:Citrus Floral Olfactive description:Cool Citrus(Lemon, Mandarine, Bergamot, Honeysuckle) Rosemary Floral(Jasmine) Sandalwood Oakmoss Vetiver. So there you have it. :-)

Tigi Bedhead Manipulator

This stuff rocks! I have very short, very fine hair and this goo lets me shape it, paste it down, stick it up, do whatever I want to it. It's yummy coconut smelling, and I love the bright blue colour. The *only* hair product I use.

Origins Transforming Lip Glaze

Woo! Wear it alone, wear it over other lipstick, this stuff kicks serious ass. It's shimmery (tiny flecks of opalescent colors are inside) and creamy and tastes like mint chocolate chip. You have to try it to believe it. I am never without this yummy lip glaze! It rocks!!


I know the Americans call them by a hundred names, but to me, what's on my bed is a duvet by British standards. A feather-filled yummy blanket that keeps me perfectly cool and warm, and I don't use any other sheets or blankets. Ever. Just the right warmth and fluffiness and size for my bed. I lurve my duvet (the link isn't the exact one I own). Goes well with the pure feather pillow I've had since I was a little girl...

Pentel RSVP Pens

I love these pens. Chunky size, cool colours, just the right ball point size. I buy them wherever I can find them and stash them all over the place. The best pen!

Colonial at Home Winter Woods Candles

This is the perfect candle flavour for me...piney, woodsy, wintery smell. I lurve it. I wish I could find someplace down here to get more, since the one Erica bought me is already almost burned down. Boo.