quotes, bathroom stall quotations, dale jr radio conversations, and things said that make me laugh...

"It's the fumes, I'm telling you." - Maria, on why all NASCAR drivers seem to have higher-than-normal voices.

"Jesus Saves." - written in one handwriting. "Passes to Gretzky. Gretzky scores!!!" - written in another handwriting.

"He created Baffin Body Works?" - Matt, in response to the Trivial Pursuit question 'What did Charles Baffin do?'

"Hey! When'd you get out of jail?!" - Bill, in response to seeing my sister after a long absence

"The Coug has a Robocock." - Seen in a Bloomington bathroom stall

"I don't believe in giving dogs fruits and vegetables." - Maria, in referring to her spoilt rotten "granddogs".

"It sounds dorky," Liz says, "but I went last year and it was really fun!"
It occurs to me that I might not like fun. - Passage from "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

"Exact search is now more exact." - Documentation for our new online public access catalog at IU

"Get those cars off the track! I wanna see some racing!" - An intoxicated Maire at Bloomington Speedway, clearing defying her "I don't like racing" attitude

"My drinking team has a racing problem." - seen on the bumper of one of the UMP Modifieds at Bloomington Speedway

"...is actually a bit of all right. In fact, lurking beneath that boring exterior exists a man silently simmering with sex appeal. Never have so many plaudits been heaped upon a man who popular opinion (and ghastly ensemble of beige knitwear) would have you believe was capable only of turning on a light switch." - The Daily Mirror's Sue Carroll, who was shocked by the realization John Major had had an illicit affair during his leadership of the Conservative Party

"Standing on battlements of Helm's Deep. Absolutely ridiculous number of Orcs headed this way. Who are we kidding anyway. We are so fucked. Perhaps this place has a side door." - From Aragorn's "Very Secret Diary" from The Two Towers