[haunting songs]

This is an eclectic mix of songs, I'll admit. Do you ever hear part of a song in a movie trailer, or as part of a TV show, or in passing and it haunts you? The melody stays with you, until you have to hunt it down? This seems to happen to me all the time. Below are those haunting songs, and the odd places I heard them. In all cases I have found out the artist, song title, and have managed to download copies of it from the internet or buy the CD. Isn't technology beautiful?

Nara by ES Posthumus [first heard in the trailer for the movie Unfaithful]
Honestly OK by Dido [first heard in my friend Sean's house]
Clubbed to Death by Rob D [first heard in the "red dress" scene of the Matrix]
Undertow by Ivy [first heard on an episode of Roswell]
Close Your Eyes by Christophe Beck [first heard in the episode "Becoming Pt. 2" of Buffy]
While the Earth Sleeps by Deep Forest and Peter Gabriel [first heard on a mix tape a friend made for himself]
Reasons Why by Nickel Creek [first heard on CMT]
Fable by Robert Miles [first heard in the trailer for the movie Ever After]
One Million Miles by J. Ralph [first heard in a VW Jetta commercial]
Woman by In the Nursery [first heard on an episode of La Femme Nikita]
Crime Scene Part 1 by Afghan Whigs [first heard in my friend Dave's house]
Everything is Alright by Four Tet [first heard on a Nike commercial]
Cry Little Sister by Mainieri [first heard in The Lost Boys]

Everything is Alright by Four Tet [first heard in a Nike commercial]
I Wish You'd Stay by Brad Paisley [first heard on CMT]
Lullaby by The Cure [first heard in Jen's house]
Alla Luce Del Sole by Josh Groban [first heard on his website courtesy of Haven]
Safe and Sound by Sheryl Crow [first heard when Carrie sent me the mp3]

Zion by Fluke [first heard in the dance scene of Matrix Reloaded]
Pedal to the Metal by Kazzer [first heard in the trailer for The Italian Job]
Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack [first heard in the movie Silver]
Dirty Sticky Floors by Dave Gahan [first heard on Dave's website]

Nothing At All by Rob Dougan [first heard on his newly released CD, Furious Angels]