[2003 houseboat weekend - the writeup]

Some of the highlights of the Priddis-Hammonds family vacation on August 22-24, 2003...


Holy shit, it was hot.

Friday, of course, was the day we loaded the houseboat with enough supplies to survive a nuclear winter.

After getting our instructions from the renter lady, we cast off and headed off to the "fast side" of Monroe to catch up with the Hammonds boat and Mich's boat.

On the way, we had our first snafu - we blew a huge garbagecan overboard.


After a valiant rescue by Dad (to the delight of all onlookers), we met up with the rest of the Thundering Herd to find our permanent houseboat spot for the weekend. After one failed berth, we found the most PERFECT spot - diving well, good view, good breeze. Don secured the location and the kids (both big and little) swam for a while.

Dinner for 11 people was brisket, ribs, corn on the cob and tons of snack food. Good times. :-)

We went to bed fairly early and tried to sleep in the "air conditioning" of the houseboat. It worked - but not as good as my house, that's for sure. ;-)


Mum and I made the coffee at 6am and watched a spectacular sunrise. After a breakfast of danish and donuts, we plotted out the plan for the day.

Spent all day tubing, swimming, napping, boating, and just running around the lake, leaving Mum to tend to the houseboat solo.

Dinner of lasagna and bread (I know. On a houseboat!), and then the Hammonds departed to their campsite to build a fire for s'mores.

We, on the other hand, were going to follow them, in Mich's boat, in the dark, not knowing where we were really going.


After losing Mich's shoe (shoe overboard!), we manage to find our way in the total darkness to the campsite for s'mores and conversation. If we weren't all so frickin' tired and it being 11pm, it would have prolly been a bit more animated. ;-)

The highlight was seeing the thousands of stars you never see otherwise, the Milky Way and the closest view of Mars we will ever see in our lifetime.

Lots of giggles before bed (Dad's suitcase in the bed, Mum looking about 2 feet tall on the stairs) and then another night of rest.


Woke to considerably cooler temperatures, and in my case, a general sense of illness. Ugh.

The Thundering Herd arrived after a British fry-up breakfast, mostly to hang out for the day. Don ran me back to the almighty Civic so I could get on the road, while the rest of the gang hung out for the day.

Good times were had by all! Plans for next year are already in the works...