erica: so can you drive me home or do you just want to catch me for a late break after my meeting?
theloudlibrarian: I can give you a ride home at 5.
erica: wee. k.
erica: thanks!
erica: you can say no next time. i don't want to drive you to feeling like the most responsible adult i know!
erica: i mean, i must know *someone* more responsible. give me a minute....
theloudlibrarian: I doubt it. I was born old. :-)
erica: me too, but you excelled.
theloudlibrarian: LOL
erica: i mean, 3 people called me looking for my ex in 48 hours. i have to have some responsible qualities.
theloudlibrarian: People call *me* for rides. ;-)
erica: so you have the reliable car and i have the reliable tracking system. we need to star in an action adventure movie. yes, we locate hooligans and drive them home.

theloudlibrarian: *falls over laughing, gets strange looks*
erica: well? it's true.
erica: either that or we help them locate journals cataloged by individual title.

Coming soon to a theatre near you...