[the lust list]

David Boreanaz...broody Angel. Oh how I love his dark looks and his ass in leather pants.
My JC (Chasez). He's just so talented and nice and charming and shy and funny and adorable. He's been my fave for a looooong time. *sigh*
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He drives 'em fast, listens to 'em loud, and tell it like it is. Honest, funny, cute as hell, and much more mature than he was a year or two ago.
English, proper, talented, gentlemanly and plain sexy. Ladies and gentleman, Colin Firth.

My original bad boy, Dave Gahan. So what's a couple of ODs, a suicide attempt, a marriage and some kids? I've had a crush on this man for a decade, and I'm not about to stop now.


Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon run fast, win races, and look damn hot doing it. Gotta love these boys - sorry, they are both on the list for this one. ;-)
Jude Law. My god, could he be sexier?
Sexy, saucy, funny and dangerous. No other man could be Spike as exceptionally as James Marsters.
My other bad boy - lyrical, brooding, mysterious and sexy - Trent Reznor.
Michael Vartan embodies class, intelligence, sexiness and maturity. And my god, when he speaks French...