[lyrical love]

Just some lyrics that speak to me, move me, or sound like poetry - from favorite songs, favorite artists, and favorite albums...

"Love needs its martyrs, needs its sacrafices, they live for your beauty, and pay for their vices..." - The Love Thieves, Depeche Mode

"Ocean pulls me close, and whispers in my ear, the destiny I've chose, all becoming clear..." - The Great Below, Nine Inch Nails

"The grass was greener, the light was brighter, the taste was sweeter, the nights of wonder, with friends surrounded, the dawn mist glowing, the water flowing, the endless river, forever and ever..." - High Hopes, Pink Floyd

"And it comes to be, the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, was just a freight train comin' your way..." - No Leaf Clover, Metallica

"I'll never find someone quite as touched as you, I'll never love someone quite the way that I loved you." - Touched, VAST

"Metaphor, for a missing moment, pull me in, to your perfect circle." - Orestes, A Perfect Circle

"Too loose, too tight, too dark, too bright, a lie, the truth, which one should I use?" - Crime Scene Part 1, Afghan Whigs

"You in the sea, on a decline, breaking the waves...watching the lights go down, letting the cables sleep..." - Letting the Cables Sleep, Bush

"And when our worlds, they fall apart, when the walls come tumbling in, though we may deserve it, it will be worth it..." - Halo, Depeche Mode

"What I've felt, what I've known, never shined through in what I've known, never be, never see, won't see what might have been..." - Unforgiven (part 1), Metallica

"All that is now, all that is gone, all that's to come, and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon..." - Eclipse, Pink Floyd

"Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand...ignorance and prejudice, and fear walk hand in hand..." - Witch Hunt, Rush

"Throw out your cares and fly, wanna go for a ride?" - Zero, Smashing Pumpkins

"Chloe don't know better...Chloe's just like me, only beautiful. A couple of years difference, but those lessons never learned..." - Chloe Dancer, Mother Love Bone

"I'm on the outside, I'm looking in, I can see through you, see your true colours, 'cause inside you're ugly, ugly like me, I can see through you, see the real you..." - Outside, Aaron Lewis of Staind

"There's things I remember and things I forget...I miss you, I guess that I should. Three thousand five hundred miles away, but what would you change if you could?" - Raining in Baltimore, Counting Crows

"And if I cry to you, will you laugh me down? But I'm asking you to turn around, rise and fall, turn the wheel, 'cause all life, is really just a circle..." - Circle, Big Head Todd and the Monsters

"Standing by the window, eyes upon the moon, hoping that the memory will leave her spirit soon...she shuts the doors and lights and lays her body on the bed, where images and words are running deep...she has too much pride to pull the sheets above her head , so quietly she lays and waits for sleep..." - Wait for Sleep, Dream Theater

"Beneath the stains of time, the feelings disappear...you are someone else, I am still right here..." - Hurt, Nine Inch Nails

"So slide back down and close your eyes, sleep awhile, you must be tired..." - Burn, The Cure

"I'm hanging on your words, living on your breath, feeling with your skin, will I always be here..." - In Your Room, Depeche Mode

"So close, no matter how far...couldn't be much more from the heart...forever trusting in who we are, and nothing else matters..." - Nothing Else Matters, Metallica

"Do you think I'm beautiful? Or do you think I'm evil? Will you take me for a ride? The one that never ends..." - Crime Scene Part 1, Afghan Whigs

"And still the ceaseless murmuring, the babbling that I brook, the seas of faces, eyes upraised, the empty screen, the vacant look..." - Yet Another Movie, Pink Floyd