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10.25.03 // 7:01pm

I apologize for my lack of updatey-ness. I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo 2003 - and you can find my (soon to be) novel right here...

09.01.03 // 12:48pm

Alrighty! We got new recipes, a new pic of my car under "vision", and the pictoral essay/writeup of our family vacation 2003. And a quick note on the book reviews page...

07.27.03 // 8:01pm

A few new goodies for y'all...new book reviews, new wallpaper I made for Carrie, and a new travelogue entry...

07.06.03 // 7:23pm

Wheeha! New haunting song, new book reviews (I was behind!), new addition the ultimate wish list, new humble abode pictures (updated and fabulous!), new evanescence wallpaper for Erica, and a new section under vision...the Chad hero worship page. :-) Check it all out! :-)

06.26.03 // 8:13pm

New book reviews and a new city added to the travelogue...

06.15.03 // 7:33pm

New book reviews, new haunting song, did some site editing and added a new section - my travelogue. Only a few entries so far, but more to come. Found under "random"...

05.31.03 // 7:33pm

New book reviews, new haunting song, new wallpaper. Got a new campus mail goody from Erica, but haven't been able to scan it yet...love ya, sweetie!

05.18.03 // 8:04pm

New book reviews (wow, I was behind!), new DVDs, new Haunting Song, and a new essay in "random". I'm still hoping to add a travel section, just haven't had the chance...

04.28.03 // 9:21pm

Holy cow I'm a terrible updater! New book reviews up and updated my links page...hoping to add a "travels" section in the next update...stay tuned...

03.29.03 // 7:48pm

But wait! There's more! :-) New addition to the ultimate wish list, new graphic on the wallpaper page, and I linked my novel in .pdf format on the links page. Wheeha!

03.29.03 // 6:49pm

Wowzers, I haven't updated in ages! Okay, new currently, a new recipe (go Cooking!Marissa), new Nascar quotables, and some new book reviews...

03.05.03 // 9:31pm

New goodies...new haunting songs, new book reviews, and my new favorite picture. Ever. Rawr. :-D In other news, my new site, Cheesin' Chadwick is up and running. Stop by and lemme know what you think!

02.15.03 // 9:27pm

Sorry for the lack of updates...hope this makes up for it! New haunting song, new DVD added, TWO new NASCAR wallpapers (wheeha!), new *sigh* pic, new graffiti quote, new NASCAR quotable, updated my list of fave drivers, added a new recipe, and lots of new books reviews. Whew!

01.27.03 // 3:38pm

Update-O-Rama! Lots of new pics up in the "vision" section, a couple of new recipes, a new book review and a new Colin Firth wallpaper. *rawr*

01.26.03 // 4:22pm

Two new wallpapers up in the NASCAR section...

Thanks to Amie for the new version of Photoshop - as you can tell, I've been having fun. :-D

01.25.03 // 10:01pm

New Jimmie Johnson wallpapers up...

01.19.03 // 7:49pm

Just a couple of new recipes up...

01.15.03 // 5:02pm

New list up...girly gotta have it guide...

01.11.03 // 10:04pm

New book review and a new section under lists..."ultimate wish list". :-)

01.10.03 // 10:43pm

Long time, no update! Now that I'm all settled into my new house, new town, new job, I thought it was time to add a few things to the page! Be sure to check out the new...haunting song, DVDs (woo Christmas!), wallpapers, currently section, book reviews, a few new links (including the knitting librarians - we rule!) and a brand spanking new section of Marissa Tested Recipes (found under lists). More updates soon!

12.03.02 // 9:32am

I'm back in updating mode, having since recovered from the novel writing frenzy! New book review, new currently, new campus mail goodies, updated the lustlist (woo!), and added a whole section on my crafty adventures under "vision". Anyone who is getting presents from me this year better not look, or the surprises will be ruined! Also, how cute are my niece and nephew? ;-)

In other news, what do you guys think of this new, modified layout? Better? Worse?

11.26.02 / 10:39am

I did it! I DID IT! 50,012 words! You can read the insanity right here! I'm still recovering from that, and the fact I have to uproot my life and move to a new town to start a new librarian gig in a matter of weeks. Well wishes (and caffeinated beverages) are most welcome. ;-)

11.11.02 // 10:16am

Just one short book review posted, as I'm still working on the novel. In other news, could he be cuter? Thanks, Denise!