[*nsync concert review]

Here's my jumbled, garbled and probably nonsensical review of the NSYNC concert from front row center. I'll try and edit as I regain consciousness of that night.

1. Do Your Thing

2. Bye Bye Bye

3. It’s Gonna Be Me

4. For the Girl

5. God Must Have Spent

6. Tearin’ Up My Heart

7. Celebrity

8. Up Against the Wall

9. Beatles songs

- She Loves You (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

- I Wanna Hold Your Hand

- Hey Jude

- Twist and Shout

10. Motown songs

- My Girl

- The Way You Do the Things You Do

- I Get Close To You (I’m sure I have the wrong title on this.)

11. Sailing

12. Tell Me, Tell Me Baby

13. No Strings Attached

14. This I Promise You

15. I Drive Myself Crazy

16. I Want You Back

17. Gone

18. Girlfriend

19. Pop

Our seats were amazing. Literally, front row. CENTER. Front row of the ramp stage, not the pit front row. We had, truly, the best seats in the house. We missed the first couple of openers, but we caught P.Diddy. Other than not understanding a word he said, it was okay, but we were just waiting for the boys. As soon as they came out, I don’t think we breathed for the next hour and a half.

They began with Do Your Thing, which was fun and set the tone for the show. They went into BBB, and did the choreography a bit differently, but good. It’s Gonna Be Me was the same version throughout most of it, but then they switched to the jazzy Christmas Special version, where basically Justin and JC sing “gonna be, gonna be…” a bunch of times. But in a good way. After a quick costume change, they came back out and began For the Girl…one of my faves. But better yet was the fact they came out and sat on stools RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

They were so, so close. As they were singing, I looked up and made eye contact with Joey. We looked at each other for a few seconds, then I decided to wink at him, and he winked back! It was awesome!

For the Girl segued into GMHS, which was nice and all, but just not a favorite. After that, they put away the stools then were off doing Tearin’ Up My Heart. Our new favorite song because we got to touch JC for the first time! He slapped our hands as he ran by.

Celebrity was next, and it was awesome. They looked good, sounded good, and the choreography looked good. Up Against the Wall was next, and we were COMPLETELY unprepared for JC laying across Lance during one part of the song. My god, that boy is flexible! It was hot. ;-) After another costume change, they began the Beatles Medley, then the Motown Medley on the catwalk stage above us. This section was fun (and we loved the confetti!) but we didn’t enjoy it as much – we couldn’t see, and the lights were so bright, we actually turned back around and watched the jumbotron instead of them.

But, when the medleys were done, they went into Sailing. It started the same way, but the chorus was this uptempo, techno version, which was completely rad! JC and Joey were so cute dancing around and being goofy! They got back to the main stage and went for another quick clothing change.

Tell Me, Tell Me Baby showed a quick video clip of JC before the song started, then got going. Loved it. Loved the choreography. Loved the outfits. Loved it. And we got to touch Lance! Next up was NSA, which was a riot…they guys swung out over the crowd on ropes during the bridges. I’m surprised rabid fans didn’t yank them down! It was fun, fun though!

TIPY was next and slowed things down…the guys sat on the stage and crooned for us, and slapped hands with the pit crowd. TIPY went into IDMC and stayed mellow and slow. After that, the guys sat on stools on the main stage and just chatted for a while. JC told a dirty joke (“What was Tigger doing in the bathroom? Looking for Pooh!”) and they made fun of each other. It was adorable. Chris was just NOT in a good mood that night, but they were still fun and funny. I Want You Back was the blues version, and was completely awesome, sung from the stools.

Next up was Gone. My god. I can’t describe Gone. After the main part of the song was over, we were ready for the Justin Showcase Part of the Song, as I always call it. But this time…it was in front of us. He kneeled in front of us, he looked into my eyes, he sang to us, he was so, so close to us. Towards the end of the song, Greg (the guitarist) came down and he and Justin “dueled” for a while. It was incredibly sexy. Justin was so close to us, we could hear HIM singing, not his microphone. Him. And we could hear what he and Greg were saying to each other. Being me, when they were both quiet and listening to the crowd, I shouted out “Go Justin!” and he looked down at me as he began singing his part again. It was awesome. My god, that boy is hot. I’ve had Justin issues ever since. ;-)

After that whole incredible sexiness, the rest of the show was a blur.

They did Girlfriend (hot!) and then finished with Pop. It was all over way too soon. As the concert was finishing, we got to touch Lance, JC, Justin and Joey again (we never got any Chris love). Joey touched me for the longest. :-D It was incredible.

The concert the second night we had a different viewpoint and were able to absorb more of the show, which really was musically fantastic. When they were on the catwalk during Sailing, everyone was looking at JC as he sang. I looked over and Lance was watching the crowd. I waved at him, and he smiled and waved back! It was awesome! I hope to god they put out of a DVD of this one!! Awesome, awesome concert.