[top ten prized possessions]

I'm a Taurus. I'm all about stuff. Here's my prized stuff. :-)

My Cabrio: This car is my baby. It's been a pain in my ass, has been wrecked twice and leaks when it rains a lot, and even though I swear it's cursed, I adore this car. I feel good, beautiful, happy, powerful in this car.

My leather jacket: I lurve my jacket. It makes me feel hip, badass, and sexy. And god knows, I need all the help I can get. ;-)

My boobs: Yeah, I bitch about them all the time, and I wish they were Cs, not DDDs, but hey, they're a great conversation piece. ;-)

My big girl bed: After years of a damn twin matress, there is absolutely nothing better than crawling into a queen size bed. Yummy.

My coffeemaker: It's a rite of passage into adulthood. I'm a proud Maxwell House maker every morning.

My CD collection: Eclectic though it may be, I adore my CDs - bought, burned or borrowed. I am never without my music, from the minute I walk through the door every night until I go to bed, music is on. I could probably forgo television (except for my shows!), but I could never survive without my music.

My ability to write: I'm not sure this is a possession, though I posess it. I love that I can express myself adequately through words, that I can write like my father, and that I can write stories (trite, silly and romantic though they may be) that give myself entertainment, and entertain and please other people. There is nothing more gratifying in this world than having someone email me or sign my guestbook to say they liked my story, or they couldn't wait for the next chapter, or that I was a good writer. Nothing.

My Enid Blyton books: Blyton is an English author, and as a child, my grandmother would send me copies of her books for birthdays and Christmas, and I would always get a few to take home when I went to England. Impossible to find in America, they are my favorite children's books and some of my favorite memories and imaginations from childhood. Though I don't read them often, just knowing that I have the complete Malory Towers series, the Faraway Tree series, the Children of Adventure series and more makes me feel safe and childlike. The ultimate in comfort reading and memories.

My family: Technically, we don't own each other, but there is nothing in this world I could do without their love and support. My family is one of those rarities in life today - parents have been married 37 years and still actually like each other, sister and I rarely fought growing up, we all genuinely like each other as individuals, and we like to spend time together. Truly rare, by all accounts of today's family structures.

My Doc Martens: I bought my basic black Docs my freshman year - my first act of "rebellion" against my parents in college. They were $100+, they were only worn by cool kids, and they weren't ladylike - not acceptable by family standards. But I threw down the money, I wore them constantly, and still do. The soles are worn, the leather cracked, and the shoelaces shot, but I still adore these shoes and wear them as much as my Nikes. No small feat.