[question and answer]

You know all those questions that always seem to show up on one survey or another? Well, here are some answers for ya...

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?
Greece, Italy, Hawaii. Jamaica…those are the dream spots.
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?
My family, and some as-yet undiscovered boy who loves me unconditionally.
Do you have a lava lamp?
How many buddies do you have on your online buddy list?
About a dozen in Yahoo. Friends, board friends, and my sister.
Which word describes you better? Outgoing or shy?
Initially shy in some situations, and then pretty outgoing. My friends tease me that I'm always the "Alpha" in the group because I'm the only one that can make decisions or organize groups.
What's the nicest thing that you find about the opposite sex?
That some of them are still gentleman - open doors for you, stand up when you leave the table, and think about more than sex all the time.
Who do you admire?
My mum, for all she went through with her breast cancer battle. She was graceful, fearless, and funny - just like always.
Favourite M&M?
I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but I guess I just like the plain M&Ms.
Favourite CDs?
*NSYNC - NSA and Celebrity, Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory, Depeche Mode - Ultra, Violator, Faith and Devotion, Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral
What/who is your dream date?
JC and I, eating a pizza, watching flicks…and then not watching flicks. ;-)
Do you have any nicknames?
Megan can call me Missy, and Dan calls me M. Other than that…Marissa.
Favourite color?
Blue, black and silver.
Do you wear contacts?
If someone gave you five dollars, what would you buy?
Lunch for myself today…quite possibly, Subway.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Dance, crosstitch, watch NASCAR, watch movies, read, shop, listen to music, surf the net, hang with my people, go to Barnes and Noble
What is your dream car?
A black Eclipse Spyder convertible, circa 1999 or so - when they were still curvy and cool.
Have you ever won any special awards?
I won a savings bond in 8th grade for a story I wrote about diversity; I won "Editor of the Year" my senior year for the newspaper staff; I was MVP of the golf team my senior year in high school; I won a 3-year service award from student government in college; I won a Support Staff Merit award from the library last year.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Marian the Librarian, I s'pose.
Favourite music?
Some pop, lotsa rock, some metal, country (the boy singers), classical…about anything…
Favourite food?
Who is the funniest person that you know?
Dan. My mom, when she's being cute.
What are your favourite movies?
Bridget Jones's Diary, Star Wars trilogy, Notting Hill, Cruel Intentions, Fifth Element, yada yada yada
What is your favourite month?
I like spring and fall. May because that's my birthday month, and the top can be down on the car. October because it's cooler and everything smells like fall.
What is your favourite girls perfume?
Lancome's signature scent. It doesn't have a name, really, but the bottle is green.
What is your favourite guys cologne?
Drakkar Noir. Makes me horny. ;-)
Ice cream or hot chocolate?
The both have their moments.
Fruit or vegetables?
I dig on both, though I don't dig on brussel sprouts or parsnips.
If you could change your name what would it be?
I really don't know. I used to hate my name, but now…I don't mind.
Worst sickness that you ever had?
Psoriasis a few years ago. I was so stressed, I was covered in scales, and my hair was falling out. That was NOT good.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Have you ever been in love?
What is the stupidest thing that you ever did?
I'm sure I do something stupid every day. Who can name just one??
What will your first daughter's name be?
I always loved Caitlin Elizabeth, from way back in the day, before it became the trendy name, which pisses me off. Maria, because that's my momma's name. Something sorta unique. If I even wanted kids. ;-)
First son?
I like the English names…Gavin, Trevor, Nigel…
Favourite drink?
Chai from Border's, Amaretto Sour, Malibu and Coke, Diet Pepsi
Do you like scary or happy movies better?
Happy movies. Ask anyone - I'm a scary movie weenie.
On the phone or in person?
In person, generally. I still suffer from the occasional phone fear, though I'm MUCH better now.
Night or day?
Day. I'm a morning person, big time.
Summer or Rainy days?
Those are my choices?? I hate summer because it's HOT. I don't like HOT. Rainy is sometimes good, but sometimes annoying. I guess neither is better…
Do you have more friends or more enemies?
Friends. I don't think I have many enemies. Hope not, anyway.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My breast size, my metabolism, my "joey", my body image, my body size, my weight. Hrm, I guess that's more than one, though they are all related.
What would you consider to be a fashionable garment at present?
A suit or a twinset and nice slacks. Those never seem to go out of style.