[7 things]

Seven Things That Make You Laugh:
1. Mighty Big TV's reviews of 24
2. Quoting the Holy Grail
3. Maire
4. Specific parts of Buffy (Grr...Argh!)
5. My Mom
6. Bridget Jones's Diary
7. When I'm a total klutz and do something less than graceful.

Seven Things You Love:

1. My family - Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro-in-Law
2. Driving around with the top down on a beautiful, sunny day
3. Being out on Mich's boat
4. NASCAR, and everything that goes with that obsession
5. Watching/quoting/owning DVDs
6. Pizza!
7. Writing stories, when I get the chance

Seven Things You Hate:
1.How slowly I'm losing weight
2. Creed
3. Liver, kidneys and all the other gross stuff Mom tried to make us eat when we were little
4. When my car breaks, floods, leaks or misbehaves
5. Math. Any type, any kind. Math.
6. Feeling like I'm stupider than everyone else in SLIS sometimes...
7. Being really, really poor right now

Seven Things On Your Desk:
1. Computer
2. Checkbook
3. CDs
4. Kenny Chesney Greatest Hits DVD
5. Bills that are due soon
6. CD-Rs, so I can burn CDs!
7. Sharpie Pens

Seven Facts About You:
1. I have a dual citizenship with the US and the UK
2. I have short hair and green eyes
3. I want a breast reduction really, really badly
4. I don't think I've very creative, but everyone else thinks I am. It's a big scam. ;-)
5. I want a boyfriend
6. I have inherited biting sarcasm from my father, who got is from his mother, and I have highly honed this talent
7. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and her struggle changed my life, my family and my outlook on things

Seven Things You Plan To Do Before You Die:
1. Meet NASCAR drivers
2. Travel around Europe - especially Italy and Greece
3. Lose weight and be fit and healthy
4. Get married and be happy
5. Be happy and successful, and make my family proud of me
6. Own a house, a nice car and be able to buy things I want when I want
7. Pay off every loan I owe, and start taking all the vacations I'm planning...

Seven Things You Can Do:
1. Crosstitch
2. Tell you WAY more than you want to know about NASCAR Winston Cup and the drivers, cars, etc
3. Drive a stick shift
4. Speak with an English accent, and speak a little Czech
5. Quote Hunt for Red October, The Sound of Music, Top Gun and Bridget Jones's Diary word for word
6. I can write mprovs
7. I can walk into a room and be able to talk to almost anyone

Seven Things You Can't Do:

1. Drive a motorcyle
2. Find a man
3. Ride the Flight of Fear or the Cobra at King's Island
4. Listen to Creed without wanting to kill myself
5. Admit that Britney's latest CD really isn't that bad
6. Look the way I want to without some work. ;-)
7. Afford to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Top 7 Songs People Should Give A Listen:

1. Depeche Mode - In Your Room (live)
2. Battleflag - Lo Fidelity All Stars
3. Clubbed to Death - Rob D
4. Pop - *NSYNC
5. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy - Kenny Chesney
6. One - Metallica
7. Nara - ES Posthumus

Seven Famous People You Want To Meet:
1. Jimmie Johnson/Chad Knaus (c'mon, they're practically one person!)
2. Julia Roberts
3. Dave Gahan
4. Colin Firth
5. Kevin Kline
6. Joss Whedon
7. Jennifer Lopez

Top 7 Things You Say The Most:
1. Morning! (in a perky, awake voice, so no one else ever is)
2. I have an order for delivery, please.
3. There is nothing I wouldn't do to this man. (Dave Gahan or Colin)
4. Hi, can I help you? (at the reference desk)
5. C'mon, baby! (while watchin' racin')
6. Knock, knock. (To get the boss's attention)
7. Hi Mom.