[the ultimate wish list]

Every girl has one. The list of goodies, bits and bobs that she would buy for herself if fundage weren't a problem. Below is my ultimate wish list. But I'm not totally without my favorites...be sure to check out my "ultimate girly gotta have it" list for things I've already fallen in love with and can't live without...

Pottery Barn Studio Wall Shelves

Just what every librarian needs...shelves that look like old time libraries and bookshops. And think of all the books and baskets and bits I could pack onto these sleek shelves? I want to line an entire wall in these modular shelves.

Pottery Barn Glass Leaf Modular Votive Branches

I think this is absolutely gorgeous and would be like walking into a fairy wonderland when you step through the doorway. Crisp white walls, glittering candles and branches...it's like stepping through the door into Lothlorien. I love this idea.

Bristol Night Tickets

The ultimate on any race fan's wish list. The Bristol night race is the best, the absolute best race of the entire NASCAR season. Some may like Daytona or Charlotte, but I would give anything for Bristol. Short track tempers under the lights? No wonder these tickets are constantly sold out and you have to wait for someone to die before you can get your hands on them.

Coach Handbag

For as long as I can remember, I've stepped into every Coach store I find with the promise that some day, I would own one of their beautiful leather bags or purses. My current favorite is this leather demi pounch in black. I can almost smell the leather right now...

Cashmere Sweater

I will own cashmere someday. Soft, fluffy, warm and the ultimate in pampering yourself. I want a cashmere sweater someday. I want one. I do.

Nine West Shoes

I want to be able to buy most, if not all, of my shoes at Nine West. Comfortable, kicky, cool and modern, I'm often hard pressed to find a shoe I *don't* like in Nine West.

Tickets to a Green Bay Packers Game at Lambeau Field

Just as hard to get as Bristol tickets, the average wait for season passes is 7 years - and that's is someone dies and leaves you the tickets. I would love to see even one game at Lambeau - in the snow, the cold, the grass, the air. Football the way football should be played.

Jewelry from Tiffany's

I would love to be able to walk into Tiffany's and pick out a beautiful emerald ring, or a diamond, or frankly, a number of designs they have in their shop. The highest quality (and the highest price), but the chance to walk out with one of those little blue boxes...

Bill Blass Dress

I saw this dress at an exhibition of his work. This picture in no way does it justice, but this is just one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. Seriously rad craftwork in this.

Dell Workstation

My computer is dodgy at best, but I love it (because it was free!). However, I have to add a new workstation to the ultimate wish list - flatscreen monitor, better speakers, stronger CPU...my inner technonerd wants to be pampered.