[the wannabe list]

women that I think are cool, beautiful, talented, or just kick ass in some way...

Halle Berry does things her own way, doesn't take no for an answer, and is gorgeous and talented to boot.
Fun-loving, down to earth and perpetually happy seems to describe Sandra Bullock.
She's Buffy. She kicks ass. How can you not like Sarah Michelle Gellar?
I know, I know, Bridget Jones isn't a real person, but she's such a wonderful character - quirky, funny, generous and ever-hopeful. Bridget got Mark in the end, why can't I?
I think Ashley Judd is amazing - beautiful, smart as hell, tough and talented. And she's married to a race car driver. Is she my idol or what?
Jennifer Lopez is just cool. She's real, she's built like a woman, she's talented and she goes after what she wants. I love J. Lo.
I have always liked Gwyneth Paltrow. She's talented, gorgeous and self-assured. She does what she wants, and doesn't seem to care if anyone agrees.
How can you not like Julia Roberts? She's so...real. Talented, goofy, fun, and never seems to take anything too seriously. She's just darling.
Peta Wilson, or La Femme Nikita. She just kicks ass - strong willed, tough, and physically flawless. I want to be Nikita, I swear.
Catherine Zeta-Jones is just hot. Seriously.